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A Gold Star for Zog

Written by Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

The ultimate back-to-school quest from bestsellers Donaldson and Scheffler!

What do dragons learn at Madam Dragon's school?

How to fly. . .
How to roar. . .
How to breathe fire!

Zog is the most eager student in the class, but he's also the most accident-prone. With each test (and each bump, bruise, or scrape), his dream of earning a gold star seems further away than ever.

But a mysterious girl keeps coming to his rescue. And when Zog faces his toughest test yet, she may be just the person to help Zog win classroom glory!

The beloved creators of Room on the BroomThe Gruffalo, and Stick Man are back with this tale of an unexpected hero who's good as gold.

Reviews and Awards

New York Times Notable Children's Book of 2012

"Donaldson, the current children’s laureate in Britain, is a master of witty comic rhyme and original stories with heart. Here she and Scheffler outdo themselves with the smart, funny - dare I say, deep? - story of a dragon in training, a princess who wants to be a doctor and a knight who could use a bit of rescuing. The book gets a gold star too." - New York Times

"[I]n Mr. Scheffler's exuberant, colorful illustrations we see the full panoply of the dragon's emotions, from anxiety to elation to panic and gloom…. If the comedy of Zog's tale falls slightly short of that in "Stick Man" and "The Gruffalo," it is made up by the amusing amount of character development in this satisfying read-aloud." - Wall Street Journal

“[W]hile Scheffler’s characters are straight out of fantasy, they exude a sweet, down-to-earth quality that makes them instantly sympathetic. Readers will get a kick out of the genial self-awareness in his cartooning - on almost every spread, a character glances at the audience as if to say, ‘Can you believe this?’” - Publishers Weekly

“Humorous illustrations feature dragons in primary colors with comical expressions in richly colored forest and mountain landscapes. The artist cleverly captures the dragons’ enthusiasm and depicts the princess with a long nose and vibrant outfits. Donaldson’s rhymes have a bouncing cadence that guides the story’s flow. A delightful new twist on happily-ever-after.” - School Library Journal

“A multicolored, endearingly homely cast of cartoon dragons attends class in the woodland setting, where none of the birds, bunnies, butterflies, or other critters seem remotely afraid of the fire-breathers in their midst. Bouncing smoothly along, the rhyming text shows how the friendship between Zog and Princess Pearl comes to benefit them both. ‘Zog was proud and happy, and Pearl felt good as well. / She took the dragons’ temperatures, and nursed them when they fell.’ (Her Highness has always dreamed of being a doctor.)” - Horn Book

“Colorful, droll illustrations add to the humor of this delightful rhyming tale, with detailed settings and woodland animals that watch the story unfold with doubt and amusement. The dragons have delightful expressions, and are more cuddly than scary. Previously published in Britain, this is bound to be a favorite of young readers.” - Library Media Connection

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Summer 2012
Picture Book
ISBN: 978-0-545-41724-2
Price: $16.99/$18.99
Trim Size: 9 8/10" x 11"
Page Count: 32
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