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Amber House (Amber House, Book 1)

By Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed

"I was sixteen the first time my grandmother died. . . ."

Sarah Parsons has never seen Amber House, the grand Maryland estate that's been in her family for three centuries.  She's never walked its hedge maze nor found its secret chambers; she's never glimpsed the shades that haunt it, nor hunted for the lost diamonds in its walls.

But after her grandmother passes away, Sarah and her friend Jackson decide to search for the diamonds -- and the House comes alive.  She discovers that she can see visions of the House's past, like the eighteenth-century sea captain who hid the jewels, or the glamorous great-grandmother driven mad by grief.  Sarah grows closer to both Jackson and a young man named Richard Hathaway, whose family histories are each deeply entwined with her own.  But when her ghostly visions start to threaten the person she holds most dear, Sarah must do everything she can to get to the bottom of the House's secrets, and stop the course of history before it is cemented forever.

Reviews and Awards

"Those who think that this is a straightforward ghost story will be sorely mistaken: This is a complex, layered tale that bends time and imagination, demanding to be read with all the lights on. Move over Bella Swan: Sarah is a strong, admirable character who'd rather speak her mind than sulk and sigh over some hot guy. Richly woven, with depth and swift plotting that will leave readers clamoring for the sequels." - Kirkus Review

"The story flows, building suspense and enticing the reader from page one. Additionally, the authors explore a variety of subjects with grace and tact, from Sarah's little brother's autism to ownership in her family's history. The mother-daughters team even explores the relationship between Sarah and her distant and somewhat cold mother. This is a novel, with two more forthcoming, that has the potential to appeal to a very large audience." - Voice of Youth Advocates

⋆ "Lush descriptions and an intricate plot drive this intense tale, which straddles the lines between magical realism, fantasy, ghost stories, and horror, with a touch of romance and classic glamour. The result is something rich, strange, and utterly fascinating." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

⋆ "Swift plotting combines with vivid, cinematic prose to make this gothic tale compulsively readable, and an unexpected ending elevates the story beyond the genre. Fans of ghost stories will appreciate the classic elements here, from the disembodied voices to the ancestral home with a sordid past, but they will also be pleasantly surprised by the time-bending element that comes into play in the latter half. Relationships are well developed, particularly Sarah’s mix of animosity toward and sympathy for her mother, while the romance between Sarah and a neighbor boy begins simply enough but is then organically revealed to be a fateful, life-changing connection that will leave readers swooning. Complex, elegant, and haunting, this is a book that deserves to be read in one sitting." - The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, starred review

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Fall 2012
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-545-43416-4
Price: $17.99
Trim Size: 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
Page Count: 368
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Translation Rights: Scholastic
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