Anne Provoost

Anne Provoost was born in Belgium in 1964 and studied literature at the University of Leuven. She is the author of four novels: My Aunt Is a Pilot Whale (Mijn tante is een grindewal)Falling (Vallen), which was made into an English-language feature film; The Rose and the Swine (De Roos en het Zwijn); and In the Shadow of the Ark (De Arkvaarders). Together they have been translated into ten languages and received many major Dutch literary prizes, as well as several international honors. Asked what message she hopes to convey with her writing, Provoost says simply, "If you have to talk about a message, then I would like to limit myself to one thing: stretching the reader's empathic abilities." And she adds, "I want to write books that, if they had hands, would grab you by the throat."

Provoost was elected a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature in 2003. She lives with her husband and three children in Antwerp, Belgium.

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