Big Wig

Written by Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by Peter Malone


History has never been hairier.

Did you know that kings AND queens wore fake beards in ancient Egypt? Or that hair was used in medicine at the height of the Incan Empire? Or that Queen Elizabeth I had more than eighty wigs in various shades of red? Kathleen Krull and Peter Malone start at the dawn of history and bring us up to contemporary times, using incredible bits and bobs of hair fact and lore to show us just how much things have changed (and how they haven't!).

This is a perfect way to introduce young readers to the idea of a longitudinal study. And it's also an irreverent and playful look at what funny fashion victims we humans have always been!

Deserves a permanent spot on every bookshelf. (Get it?)

Reviews and Awards

"Krull delivers a fascinating and quite funny 'history' of humankind's relationship with hair, from furry prehistory to the advent of punk style. With dry wit, Krull examines the follicular fashions and follies of ancient Egyptian, Mexican, and Indian civilizations, continuing through the royal courts of Europe to the present day. Aristotle attempts to cure baldness using goat urine, while Cleopatra hints to 'her boyfriend,' Julius Caesar, that he might grow hair by using a blend of horse teeth, deer marrow, and toasted mice. Equally wonderful are Malone's gouache illustrations, rife with humor, such as his Marilyn Monroe–style depiction of the world's first blonde, 11,000 years ago. 'Cavewomen have to compete for the few men left.... Being blond seems to help.'" - Publishers Weekly, starred review

“From early humans to the British punks of the 1970s and many stops in between, Krull teases readers with intriguing, humorous facts about hair and grooming. The picture-book format is perfectly suited to impart just the right amount of information that children will find both entertaining and riveting…. The muted pastel-colored gouache paintings are whimsical and delightful… [and] will surely bring out the giggles. Notes at the end extend the facts and provide yet more tantalizing strands of information.” - School Library Journal

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Summer 2011
Non-fiction Picture Book
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