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Book! Book! Book!

Written by Deborah Bruss

Illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke

Barnyard bibliotherapy at its best! 

You think it’s easy getting a book out of the library? Not if you’re a cow. When the barnyard animals decide to fight boredom by getting something to read, they have a tough time making themselves understood. The big animals insist on going in first, and one by one their “Neighs,” “Moos,” and “Oinks” fall on – well, not exactly deaf, but puzzled ears (can you blame the librarian?). Hen, of course, knew the key words all along, if her friends had only listened. When she struts into the library and asks for a “book,” a “book! Book! BOOK!”, she gets action. Then everyone’s happy (except for Frog, and you can guess what he has to say….)

Reviews and Awards

#11 on the Children's BookSense 76
Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators
Nominated for the South Carolina Picture Book award

“The sounds of the barnyard—and the surprising likeness some of them hold to the English language - are introduced in this brisk and atmospheric picture book from a clever newcomer.... Home again, all are content with the books until the frog notes that he “read it, read it.” Observant readers will have noticed that, in fact, he has. Simple, gladdening word fun, set in Beeke’s charming watercolor and acrylic scenes of familiar farm and library activities filled with just the right details.” - Kirkus Reviews

“With a cheery, naif style and dappled, Easter-basket colors, the artist makes every full-bleed spread look like a sunny mural composed by young library goers, and her vignettes keep the attempts at communication tightly focused. Even though her characterizations are deceptively simple, the resolve of the plucky fowl and glee of the newly book-equipped animals shines through. Young bibliophiles in particular will appreciate Beeke's depiction of the library as a welcoming place of fun and possibilities.” - Publishers Weekly

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Summer 2001
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-13525-7
Price: $15.95/$22.99
Trim Size: 9" x 10"
Page Count: 40 SE
Foreign Rights: Scholastic
Translation Rights: Scholastic
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