Dead Light March (The Shadowshaper Cypher Series, Novella #2)

By Daniel José Older

Set between the New York Times bestseller Shadowshaper and its upcoming sequel Shadowhouse Fall, and following the first novella Ghost Girl in the Corner, this story of music, passion, and mystery will draw you deeper into the magical Brooklyn of Daniel José Older's Shadowshaper Cypher.

Mina Satorius, classmate of Sierra and her crew, is being drawn deeper into the light of the Sorrows' world. Sierra's brother Juan isn't quite sure what to do with his band's latest song -- it has an actual melody! -- but maybe it'll impress his brand-new, out of the blue, super-secret crush. And Sierra herself is grappling with the new powers that have made her head of the shadowshapers... and what that means for her life and those around her.

The stories of all three collide at the West Indian Day parade as new threats and old foes thread their way towards the shadowshapers, in this electric novella set on the eve of Shadowhouse Fall.

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Summer 2017
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-338-17131-0
Price: $0.99
Page Count: 86

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