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Finding Ruby Starling

By Karen Rivers

THE PARENT TRAP comes to the digital age!

When Ruth Quayle used a special app to search for pictures of herself online, she found dozens of images of "Ruth Quayle" - and one of "Ruby Starling." When Ruby Starling gets a message from a Ruth Quayle proclaiming them to be long-lost twin sisters, she doesn't know what to do with it - until another message arrives the day after, and another one. It could be a crazy stalker... but she and this Ruth do share a birthday, and a very distinctive ear....

Ruth is an extroverted American girl. Ruby is a shy English one. As they investigate the truth of their birth and the circumstances of their separation, they also share lives full of friends, family, and possible romances - and they realize they each may be the sister the other never knew she needed.

Written entirely in e-mails, letters, Tumblr entries, and movie scripts, Finding Ruby Starling is the funny and poignant companion to Karen Rivers's The Encyclopedia of Me.

Reviews and Awards

2015 Children's Choices List

"As with any novel in letters (in this case e-mails, handwritten notes to the dead grandmother, and the occasional Tumblr posting), voice is everything, and Ruth and Ruby have distinctive, convincing, and highly entertaining writing styles… Hectic, highly textured, and good-natured without being soppy." - Horn Book

"A separated-at-birth story for the digital age." - Kirkus Reviews

"The emotional content of the novel comes through in a genuine and natural way; readers will feel for each girl as they discover each other and the truths about themselves…. Overall, a fun book for middle graders." - School Library Journal

"Though the initial premise conjures images of Hayley Mills (or, for the younger set, Lindsay Lohan), this very human novel wisely turns instead to a deeper exploration of familial bonds. The story is sympathetic to all members of the adoption triad - biological parent(s), adoptive parents, and adoptee - without losing the magic of discovering a twin." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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Summer 2014
Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 978-0-545-53479-6
Price: 17.99/19.99
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Page Count: 304
Foreign Rights: Scholastic
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