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I Will Hold You 'Til You Sleep

Written by Linda Zuckerman

Illustrated by Jon J Muth

What is your deepest wish for the child you love?

To sleep soundly each night, sure of your protection?

To know that whatever lies ahead, you will be there... to share the joys of sunny days, to soothe the scrapes, the falls, the hard times?

To know that your love was a constant to be taken to heart, and then, most importantly, to be passed on?

Here is a blessing to give to every child in your life. Here is one of those rare books you will remember long after other childhood books have been packed away.

Here is a heartfelt wish for a life filled with love.

Reviews and Awards

Society of Illustrators Original Art Show
Book Sense Winter 2006-2007 Children's Pick

⋆ "The very model of an instantly beloved bedtime story, destined to replace any number of lesser, though popular efforts. In lambent cadence, the text takes the form of a lullaby, with gently repeated phrases: “I will hold you ’til you sleep / Safe and warm within my arms / Dream of springtime’s gentle breezes / While my lullaby surrounds you / Dearest baby, child of mine / I will hold you ’til you sleep.” Muth’s exquisite watercolor and gouache images take the tale from spring to autumn, winter and spring again, as a small boy grows and his parents age. In one example, “I will kiss you when you fall” depicts first the mother comforting the boy when he’s fallen from his bike, and then the same phrase shows the father consoling a teenage boy while in the distance a girl is running off hand-in-hand with another guy. The lovely reassurance of, “I will love you all your life,” is echoed visually, as the boy, holding a cell phone in a European church square, faces a page where the graying parents are smiling into their phone. It closes with rainbows, grandchildren and the suggestion to carry the love forward. This isn’t cheap sentimentality, but deep feeling and lovely art perfectly in tune." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"A gentle, poetic text is illustrated in soft gouache-and-watercolor washes that depict scenes in the life of a boy from infancy, when his mother and father hold him close, to adulthood, when he is a parent himself. The words and pictures both extol the power of love and his parents’ hopes that he will “Grow and flourish.../Love and be loved” throughout his years. Somewhat in the vein of Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever (Firefly) and Sam McBratney’s Guess How Much I Love You (Candlewick, both 1995), this lovely book will find a home in most libraries" - School Library Journal 

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Fall 2006
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