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Ice-Cream Cones for Sale! 

Written & Illustrated by Elaine Greenstein

I don’t remember how old I was when I realized that not everything I read in the paper is reliably true. Maybe it was around the time of the Jayson Blair scandal. In any case, I can’t think of a more fun and lighthearted way to introduce skeptical reading to a child than through the story of how so many people claimed (in writing!) to have invented our favorite summer treat: 

“I invented the ice cream cone!”

“No, I invented the ice cream cone!”

“You’re both wrong! I invented the ice cream cone!”

David Avayou. Abe Doumar. Arnold Fournachou. Ernest Hamwi. Charles Menches. Italo Marchiony. Four of them had immigrated to the United States. Five were at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. And each one claims that he was the first man to put a cool dollop of ice cream on a warm crunchy cone. But only one of them has the evidence to prove he’s telling the truth...

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the invention of the ice-cream cone, Elaine Greenstein serves up an enticing account of the treat’s creation, its popularization, and the history-of-food fight that followed, as six men and their families each tried to take credit for the idea. She also shows how history isn’t just one story, but the ongoing process of telling, collecting, and sifting through many individual stories. With wit, ingenuity, and very good taste, Ice Cream Cones for Sale! is a fresh and delicious scoop of American history.

Reviews and Awards

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold

⋆ “Here's a fine example of a picture book with a Dewey classification number that clearly distinguishes between fact and fiction. … The monoprints overpainted with gouache feature appealing close-ups, bright colors, and lots of ice cream.” – Booklist, starred review

“As irresistible as its subject, Greenstein’s jaunty text and marvelous pictures are also an object lesson in the joys and perils of research. … The pictures – monoprints overpainted with gouache – are in pastel ice-cream colors and sugar cone textures. As delicious as the story.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Greenstein differentiates between the information she could and couldn't substantiate, offering an easy lesson on the sometimes rocky road of historical research. The finely lined, sherbet-colored prints overpainted with gouache enhance the text's playful tone. What a treat.” - The Horn Book

“Greenstein (Dreaming) offers a beguiling introduction to the art of historical sleuthing with a can't-miss subject: the invention of the ice cream cone.... This tasty narrative treat could well prove delicious inspiration for current and future writers of history reports.” - Publisher’s Weekly 

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Summer 2003
Picture Book
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