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King of the Middle March

By Kevin Crossley-Holland

The award-winning Arthur trilogy comes to its magnificent conclusion.

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In the year 1201, newly knighted Arthur de Caldicot finds himself in Venice as the Fourth Crusade is launched. All around him jealousies and greed rive the Crusade, turning Christian against Christian at horrifying cost. And Arthur must find his way in the battle.

Fans of the series will also find their questions about Arthur's home life answered in a deeply satisfying (though often surprising) way; At home in England, Arthur's betrothal to Winnie becomes uncertain, while his search for his birth mother, still so often stymied by his vicious father, comes to a close. And while Arthur has his magical seeing stone for guidance, he soon realizes that the exploits of King Arthur and his knights, like those of the Crusaders, are often as shocking as they are glorious - and sometimes end in bloodshed that betrays the ideals they represent.

Yet when a great dream is destroyed, an even greater legend can rise from the ruins. King of the Middle March brims with the medieval texture and dazzling detail that Crossley-Holland fans have come to expect, but also with new depths of feeling and wisdom that grown-ups and those growing up alike can appreciate. In this book, Arthur steps forward to become a man worthy of his kingly name.

Reviews and Awards

Horn Fanfare Book 2004
Children's Book Sense Winter 2004/2005 Pick
Walter Mayes List of Best Titles 2004

 "...This handsome, beautifully written volume weaves several threads into a magnificent whole. Superb writing, prodigious research, a wealth of detail, and fine bookmaking make these the best tales of the Middle Ages for young Readers, an epic they will hate to see end." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

⋆ "Arthur's response to his fellow crusaders' violence and the questions he raises about religion, morality, and war resonate not only in the two worlds of the novel but also in our own. The traditional Arthurian story comes to its inevitable end as Arthur the narrator returns home to England to take up his new life, fully cognizant of a world full of evil but also filled with promise." - Booklist, starred review

⋆ "Crossley-Holland has written a novel of extraordinary richness, packed with event and color and texture. Considered as a final installment to the trilogy, the book is even more of an accomplishment: it satisfactorily resolves all plot lines while simultaneously releasing Arthur into a somewhat unpredictable future." - The Horn Book, starred review

"Crossley-Holland's short, evocative chapters and sensitive descriptions lend this third book the same gentle perceptiveness evident in the first two volumes of the trilogy." - The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Crossley-Holland concludes this Arthur Trilogy with this magnificently written medieval historical fiction blended with Arthurian legend. Arthur's keen observations and insight allow the reader to see and hear the sounds of foreign lands and varied peoples, lending the novel credence and immediacy. Rich characterizations, glorious descriptions, and authentic vocabulary (a glossary appears at the back of the book) effectively evoke medieval life for the reader. Arthur's feelings for his family and his betrothed echo those of all teenagers. His fear of battle and worries about being a good knight also reflect his commonality with other young adults. Young adults interested in the Middle Ages, the Crusades, and King Arthur will find this series enthralling to read." - Voice of Youth Advocates

"A glorious and uplifting conclusion to the trilogy....Whether readers are familiar with the two previous Arthur sagas or not, they will be gratified by the majestic resolution to the parallel stories of Sir Arthur's coming of age and King Arthur's demise." - School Library Journal

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Fall 2004
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0-439-26600-9
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Page Count: 432
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