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Kiss Me Tomorrow

By Susan Shreve

There are too many men in Blister's life. Starting with her father, the irresponsible Jack Reed, who's happy to play the role of "Dad"... as long as it doesn't inconvenience his wife, Tamara. Then there's Frank Holt, the boyfriend of Blister's mom, who might actually be a good guy - but Blister's not sure she wants him to be. There's Jakob Cutter, a tough (but cute) seventh-grade boy; now he's casting his charming shadow over Blister. But does he like Blister for real, or is he just trying to find out what her best friend Jonah has told the police? And finally, there's Jonah himself, who makes one critical error in judgment that may land him in jail. And another by kissing Blister when she comes to his rescue....

It's a lot to handle, even for a tough resilient girl. But if anyone can do it, it's Blister.

Reviews and Awards

"The breezy writing and tight plot move this stand-alone sequel to Blister (Arthur A. Levine Books, 2001) along at a clipped pace. Blister is a strong, believable protagonist whose dilemmas and conflicting emotions will resonate with tweens. Shreve deftly portrays the rockiness that typifies seventh grade through the endearing characters, subtle tone, and low-key wit that her readers have come to expect. And, while the cover indicates a fluffy read, there is much food for thought and discussion within the pages of this exceptional book." - School Library Journal

"[T]he feelings and concerns are exactly right, from Blister’s confusion about the father figures in her life to her anxiety about outfits and love: she likes her first kiss (but doesn’t want to become the boy’s girlfriend), and she worries about sex, which, while vaguely imagined, is still on the horizon (“Someday she would have a boyfriend and lie down in the backseat of a car with him. But not now.”) The eccentric supporting cast, especially Blister’s show-tunes spouting grandmother, and Shreve’s original, humorous voice round out a funny, poignant story that is just right for readers who, like Blister, have just begun to think about romance." - Booklist 

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Fall 2006
Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 0-439-68047-6
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Page Count: 224
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