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Lucky Strike

By Bobbie Pyron

A rich, southern voice tells the unforgettable story of two vulnerable outsiders, the lightning strike that turns their world upside down, and the true meaning of lucky.

Nate Harlow would love to be lucky, just once!

He'd like to win a prize, get picked first, call a coin toss right, even! But his best friend, Genesis Beam (aka Gen), believes in science and logic, and she doesn't think for one second that there's such a thing as luck, good or bad. She doesn't care what names the other kids call them. She cares about being right, about saving the turtles of Paradise Beach, and she cares about Nate.

Then, on his birthday, at the Goofy Golf mini-golf course, Nate is struck by lightning -- and survives! Suddenly baseballs are drawn to his bat-popular kids want HIM on their side. It seems the whole town of Paradise Beach thinks Nate has the magic touch.

But is there room for Gen in Nate's lucky new world?

Reviews and Awards

⋆ “Even lightly sketched characters leap off the pages, adding rich depth to an already satisfying tale. In the slightly fantastical Gulf Coast world that Pyron has imagined, people can change in unexpected ways. With just a spark of magic, bullies can become true friends, those without humor can learn to giggle, and perennial victims can emerge victorious. Amusing, endearing and sometimes even electrifying.” - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

⋆ “This well-told story of growth, friendship, and small-town life hits all the right notes. The quirkiness of the characters and the town never goes too far, and there is an overall cozy feeling to the book. Genesis’s dad is the preacher at The Church of the One True Redeemer and Everlasting Light, but she is a scientist through and through, which adds complexity to the text, including musings on destiny, fate, probability, and weather.” - School Library Journal, starred review

"A dramatic and sweetly poignant story, enlivened by a dash of magical realism." - Publishers Weekly

“Pyron displays a fine sense of the shifting allegiances of tweendom… The tender relationships will nourish readers in search of belonging.” - Booklist

“Lucky Strike offers readers robust characters that learn to grow in different ways as they explore the meanings of friendship, loyalty, and luck… A feel-good read that will appeal to younger audiences.” - Voice of Youth Advocates 

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Spring 2015
Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 978-0-545-59217-8
Price: $16.99/$18.99
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Page Count: 272
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