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Mad at Mommy

Written & Illustrated by Komako Sakai

From the creator of the New York Times Best Illustrated Book The Snow Day.

Little Bunny is REALLY MAD at his mommy.

She sleeps too late.

She talks too much.

She watches her silly grown-up shows instead of cartoons.

And she gets mad for no reason - like just a few little soap bubbles on the floor.

It's time for Little Bunny to SPEAK OUT.

And time for a hug later on.

With the charming illustrations and spot-on understanding of young children's thinking that distinguished The Snow Day, Komako Sakai brings us a REALLY ANGRY - and ultimately sweet - new story.

Reviews and Awards

A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2010
Parents' Choice Approved Seal

⋆ “This little bunny is in one big huff, and he must tell his mommy exactly how he feels. ‘Mommy, I—I— / I AM SO MAD AT YOU!’ To underscore his case, the afflicted party presents a catalog of past wrongs - forgotten laundry, bath-time scoldings, Saturday-morning sleep-ins and the fact that his mommy can’t marry him. Young readers will sympathize, while adults will secretly smile. Sakai’s paintings are simply composed and staged, allowing rabbit’s expressive poses to shine. There are no distractions—each detail becomes evidence of his mother’s care. Her palette is uncomplicated, but extreme attention is given to the small amounts of color used. She also has a talent for scale and pattern. Across four pages she uses the same composition, but each has a different emotional beat, highlighting the connection between mother and son and contributing to the final payoff - hugs and harmony. As usual, the illustrator’s work feels essentially Japanese: hand-done but with implicit craft; appearing simple but incredibly sophisticated. A playful story that offers young readers - and their big feelings - a serious voice. Charming, classy and current.” - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

⋆ "This honest account of a small rabbit's angry outburst and the contrast between the adorable protagonist and his simmering emotions demonstrate Sakai's (The Snow Day) uncanny ability to tap into children's feelings. "And you always tell me to hurry up-hurry up-hurry up-but then you never hurry up yourself," the small rabbit complains, toiling over a plate of spaghetti, being pulled along by his mother's hand, and then sitting stranded on the sidewalk while his mother chats with a neighbor. Later, he lies on his mother's bed, arms crossed tightly, eyes narrowed, ears limp with despair: "And-And-And-And-" he falters, before venturing into deeper waters: "And you say you can't marry me, not even when I get bigger." Sakai's wedding portrait of son and mother is a priceless mixture of humor and pathos, the small rabbit a pint-size, suspendered, and bowtied groom, the bride so big that only her wedding dress–clad torso fits on the page. Sakai's artwork, densely stroked in pastel shades, mirrors the many layers of the rabbit's emotions. A nuanced vision of a child's mercurial inner life." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The art here is quite special. Lightly textured backgrounds put the child and his mother center stage. The boy’s emotions, in both vignettes and spreads, are subtly yet powerfully displayed... Truth, sadness, and love mix here.” - Booklist

"One look at the petulant bunny on the cover says it all: The main character of this book is absolutely, adorably Mad at Mommy. Komako Sakai, author of The Snow Day (a Time Out Kids favorite), portrays her little rabbit as so (we can’t help it!) hopping mad that he can barely spit out his disgruntlement: “Mommy, I– I– I AM SO MAD AT YOU!” Anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of a toddler’s wrath will recognize his tiny rage—as well as the heartfelt reconciliation at the the end." - Time Out New York Kids

“Stylish illustrations in a palette of black, blue, and cream feature characters who resemble painted folk-art figurines. They pack an emotional punch that will resonate with many angry bunnies and their anxious (and tired) parents.” - Horn Book

"With a sparsely worded text, the simple, muted watercolor illustrations, outlined with soft charcoal, communicate most of the emotions and provide the rest of the story. Like Anna Dewdney’s Llama, Llama Mad at Mamma (Viking, 2007), this Japanese import, a follow-up to The Snow Day (Scholastic, 2009), conveys the sweet and satisfying message of a mother’s unconditional love. Perfect for one-on-one sharing and for generating a discussion about feelings, self-expression, and forgiveness." - School Library Journal

“Being angry with mom is one of the great dramas of early childhood…. The genius in this book is the bunny's expression[s]…. Any parent will recognize his gripes as legitimate ("You always tell me to hurry up…but then you never hurry up yourself"). No lovers' reconciliation ("Did you miss me?") could be as sweet.” - Los Angeles Times

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Fall 2010
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