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The Miracle Stealer

By Neil Connelly

What if you really wanted the miracles to stop?

Andi Grant adores her six-year-old brother, Daniel, a "miracle child" who survived a fall down a mine shaft. People regularly come to him for blessings and healings - which often seem to work - but Andi worries about their effects on her brother, especially when she finds signs of a stalker around their home. With the help of her once-and-maybe-future boyfriend Jeff, she comes up with an audacious, dramatic plan to stop the attention on Daniel: an "Anti-Miracle" that will unravel with the slightest examination of the facts, and cast doubt on his powers forever after.

As her plan comes together, the stalker draws closer, and the clock ticks toward Daniel's star appearance at the local Paradise Days celebration, Andi finds herself wrestling with her own beliefs in God and her brother, and wondering if what she really needs is... a miracle.

⋆ “Andi is a remarkable protagonist… Connelly writes with such calm assurance - never too much, never too little - that what could have been an overwhelming epic is instead a slim book that reads with miraculous speed.” - Booklist, starred review

“A thought-provoking examination of the power of faith and the human desire for a savior.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Deftly avoiding stereotypes and caricatures, Connelly (Michael's Scales) creates an alternately ominous and wholesome atmosphere in which the mysteries of friendship, hope, sacrifice, love, and prayer reveal a community's spiritual complexity.” - Publishers Weekly

“Andi’s internal journey from faith to cynicism and back again (sort of) is handled with exceptional skill. It’s a rare and welcome portrait of a girl trying to navigate teenage angst, family dysfunction, and religious belief.” - Horn Book

“Connelly’s depiction of Andi’s crisis of faith as she questions her own religious upbringing and the beliefs of those around her is both sensitive and genuine. Her anger with God and those who, in her mind, are abusing their authority feels authentic and will resonate with many teens who have similar questions.... The ending is satisfying, offering hope while acknowledging that not all questions can be answered.” - VOYA

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Fall 2010
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-545-13195-7
Price: $17.99 / $22.99
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Page Count: 240
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