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Tony Piedra’s stunning debut picture book, The Greatest Adventure, is out TODAY! Run, or rather, sail, to your local bookstore and pick up a copy, and watch the stunning trailer below for a sneak peek!

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Could we love this fabulous new lantern art by Jon Lau any more? The answer is no.

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Justina Chen's Lovely, Dark, and Deep is on sale today, 7/31!

We can't wait for Justina Chen's Lovely, Dark, and Deep to come out this July, and neither can these other people!!


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Congrats to Kelly Yang on her FOURTH starred review for the wonderful Front Desk, out next month on 5/29!

The New York Times Book Review loves The Parker Inheritance!

Arthur A. Levine Books is proud to be publishing two new books by Shaun Tan, author and illustrator of the award-winning, bestselling graphic novel The Arrival!

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Tales from the Inner City, a linked collection of stunningly illustrated short stories exploring themes of justice, kindness, and the surreal in the every day, will hit shelves on September 25, 2018. Tan says each story is “about a particular animal — tiger, snail, hippopotamus, shark, and so on — and how we as humans might respond to their unexpected presence within a concrete, steel, and glass landscape: the place so many of us now call home.” His hope for his audience: “That, as they did for me, these stories leave you looking at the world just a little bit differently.”

Publisher Arthur Levine hails the return of “the visionary Shaun Tan” and notes that “when the reader comes to the final illustration that punctuates each tale, it’s like walking into an amazing room, and then throwing open a curtain to see a brilliant scene that makes you understand and appreciate everything you’ve encountered in a deeper way.”

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The imprint also will publish another new book from Tan, Cicada, in Spring 2019. It tells the story of a hard working bug who is completely unappreciated for what he does. Tan drew inspiration from “friends and family who have worked in corporate offices, stories of workplace discrimination, and a fascination with cicadas.”

Varian Johnson's The Parker Inheritance is on sale today, 3/28, and has earned FOUR starred reviews!

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 Lantern art by Jared Chapman

Lantern art by Jared Chapman