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Written by Munro Leaf

Illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans

Noodle is a little dog who's very long from front to back and very short from top to bottom, which makes it hard for him to dig for bones.

Then one day, Noodle finds a wishbone, and the dog fairy arrives with a whirr and a flip-flap of wings to grant him a wish.

"What size and shape do you want to be?"

A sweet story of self-acceptance, Noodle is a classic from children's book greats Munro Leaf, author of The Story of Ferdinand, and Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of Madeline. Originally published in 1937, Noodle is back to delight a new generation.

Reviews and Awards

"This charming reissue of a 1937 classic features Noodle, a sweet little dachshund 'who was very long from front-to-back, and very short from top to bottom.' One day Noodle, tunneling through dirt in the garden, comes across a bone, and when he reemerges he finds a small dog with wings - a dog fairy! - waiting for him.

It turns out, of course, that Noodle has uncovered a wishbone, and the dog fairy is there to grant his wish. Noodle immediately decides he wants to be a different size and shape. But after a trip to the zoo - where he questions all the animals - the little dachshund decides, of course, that he wants to be 'just exactly the size and shape I am right now.' A good lesson for little ones about self-acceptance. A+" - Entertainment Weekly

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Spring 2006
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