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Operation Yes

By Sara Lewis Holmes

“Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a great battle.” 

Plan A
Bo is going to behave for his new teacher. 
His father, an Air Force colonel, says so.

Gari is going to live peacefully with her cousin. 
Her mother, an Army nurse, says so.

Miss Loupe is going to teach her class language arts, social studies, math, and science. 
What’s supposed to say secret: the theater lessons – and her tattoo.

Plan B
Bo stages a food fight. 
His father isn’t pleased.

Gari stages a protest. 
The Army isn’t pleased.

And when something happens that none of them could plan for…

they lose Miss Loupe too.

And what comes out of that is…

Plan C
It involves misbehaving – and working together. 
Protests, fighting – and making something amazing.

For everyone’s parents. Everyone’s families.

It’s a plan so big, so daring, so life-changing, that it can only be called:


Reviews and Awards

⋆ "[T]he most buoyant example of ensemble work since E. L. Konigsburg’s The View from Saturday (1996) and the best of Gregory Maguire’s Hamlet Chronicles.... Flicking among points of view with increasing speed, Holmes tracks the blossoming of Bo Whaley, an often-in-trouble kinetic learner who takes to improv like a duck to water; his just-arrived cousin Gari (who will without doubt grow up to be a professional campaign manager); and a supporting cast of gently caricatured classmates, parents, and faculty. Though only a small part is actually written as a script, the entire tale is purest stagecraft: quick, funny, sad, full of heart, and irresistibly absorbing." - Booklist, starred review

“[T]his story of middle-school classmates who come together to honor their teacher and her war-injured brother entertains.... Miss Loupe is the kind of teacher every kid dreams about, and the “all for one, one for all” mentality that comes through as the students band together is inspiring.” - Publishers Weekly

“In this lively, often funny novel, an enthusiastic teacher brings improv to restless sixth graders at a rundown school on a North Carolina Air Force base.... Pitched to readers in both military and civilian families, this engaging story avoids larger questions of war and peace, focusing instead on how they affect the lives of American kids who deal with the consequences every day.” - Kirkus Reviews

“The classroom is often a place of lessons, but Holmes tells her story - infused with details of military life - with heart and energy, and leaves any didacticism at the door. Sixth graders, military brats or not, will identify with this rich cast.” Horn Book 

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Fall 2009
Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 0-545-10795-4
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Page Count: 256
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