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Written by Tony Mitton

Illustrated by Mary GrandPre

A charismatic collection, ripened to perfection, for fans of Florian and people who are pro-Prelutsky. Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

Sweet nibbles: A pair of old shoes, a wonder-filled hat. A funny, freaky flea. A juicy, inspiring plum.

Bigger bites: Questions you always wanted to ask, such as what is under the grass or the sea. Hopeful thoughts about growing (and growing!) Mysterious meetings with The Green Man, and legends like St. Brigit and the Baker. Even some secrets, such as how to grow poetry.

Great gulps: What really happened to Mrs. Battacharya’s Chapati Zap Machine? What was finally found in Mrs. Rummage’s muddle up shop? And what spectacular specialties are served at the Elegant Elephant Delicatessen (don’t miss what’s inside the incredible gate fold picture)?

Whatever size treat you’re in the mood for, find it in this deliciously satisfying feast of poems. The voice of Tony Mitton is the voice of a balladeer, a prankster, a Wiseman…a true poet. And the illustrations show Mary Grandpré at her most inspired.

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Shut your eyes.
Open your mind. 
Look inside. 
What do you find? 
Something funny? 
Something sad? 
Something beautiful, 
mysterious, mad? 
Open your ears. 
Listen well. 
A word or phrase
begins to swell? 
Catch its rhythm. 
Hold its sound. 
Gently, slowly
roll it round. 
Does it please you? 
Does it tease you? 
Does it ask
to grow and spread? 
Now those little
words are sprouting
inside your head. 

Reviews and Awards

Society of Illustrators Original Art Show
Children's BookSense 76 Selection

⋆ “These poems of enormous bounce and charm are extremely well matched by the radiant pastel art.” - Booklist, starred review

“There is… a good deal to savor in this eclectic collection, which should keep it circulating where poetry is popular.” -School Library Journal

“A treat.” - The Guardian 

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Spring 2003
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-36409-4
Price: $17.95/$24.99
Trim Size: 8 3/4" x 11 3/4"
Page Count: 64
Foreign Rights: Scholastic UK
Translation Rights: Scholastic UK
Rights Available? yes

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