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Stealing Air

By Trent Reedy

You can’t just ask for the chance to fly… Brian has always loved getting air - on his skateboard, in a plane, wherever he could. But now that his dad has moved the family to the Midwest, he won’t have much of a chance to fly.

Or so he thinks. Then he meets Alex, the coolest guy in the sixth grade, and Max, the nerdiest. Max is building a real airplane in a secret laboratory hidden in a shed. There’s just one problem with flying it… He’s scared of heights!

Brian and Alex leap at the chance to be pilots, and soon all three boys are working together to finish and test the plane. But a bully named Frankie, a beautiful girl named Wendy, and fights at home and at school all threaten to sink the project. Will the boys’ plane ever get off the ground - or will they just be grounded for good?

Reviews and Awards

“[Reedy] nails the angst of the middle-school lunchroom, the tentativeness of a first boy-girl relationship, and the mood of a family who has pulled up their roots for a new opportunity that’s not going as well as hoped. This is a solid story that will ring true to readers for many years to come.” - School Library Journal

“Reedy does a wonderful job with his characters: Brian encounters numerous life trials, while other characters add depth and emotion. Boys will enjoy the story, especially the attempt of building an airplane, as well as the encounter with the bully. This is a great choice for any reader, but especially for those who enjoy adventure.” - Library Media Connection, Recommended

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Fall 2012
Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 978-0-545-38307-3
Price: $16.99/$18.99
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Page Count: 288
Foreign Rights: Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Translation Rights: Erin Murphy Literary Agency
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