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Lantern art by Mark Weber

Lantern art by Mark Weber


Freedom Fire (Dactyl Hill Squad II) • Daniel José Older • 5/14/2019

“A mind-bendingly original series.” - The New York Times Book Review

Magdalys and the squad are flying south on pteroback. South to rescue her older brother. South to war.

The squad links up with the dino-mounted troops of the Louisiana Native Guard, an all-black regiment in the Union Army fighting to free their people. They're led by General Sheridan, surrounded by enemy forces in Tennessee and desperate for any edge to sway the tide of battle.

Magdalys's burgeoning powers might be the Union's last hope…if she chooses to help.

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Secrets of a Fangirl • Erin Dionne • 5/28/2019

A cool girl who's secretly a major geek has to figure out how to be true to herself in this relatable, funny, feminist novel from Erin Dionne.

Sarah Anne loves lacrosse, and the MK Nightshade series that everyone was obsessed over in grade school. The problem is that she's still obsessed, which is way too nerdy for a popular kid like her. So she hides her geekiness with a set of rules meant to keep her geek and jock selves separate.

Except when she's offered a spot in a Nightshade fandom contest, where the winner gets to see the new movie premiere in LA. No one seems to think Sarah Anne can win, since she's up against a pair of guys in high school--but the more she's called a fake fan, the more determined she is to wipe the floor with her competition. As long as none of her friends or anyone at school knows what she's doing.

Can she keep her geek identity a secret, win the contest, and manage to keep her friends even though she's been living a lie? Sarah Anne is going to have to make some choices about what's truly important to her and which rules she's going to break to stay true to herself.

Shadowshaper (The Shadowshaper Cypher #1: Spanish Edition)Daniel José Older • 7/30/2019

Paint a mural. Start a battle. Change the world.

¡La versión en español de Shadowshaper!

Sierra Santiago planeaba tener unas vacaciones tranquilas hacienda arte y saliendo con sus amigos. Sin embargo, un cadáver aparece en su primera fiesta y los murales del barrio comienzan a llorar. Al parecer, en Brooklyn está ocurriendo algo más siniestro de la cuenta.

Sierra Santiago planned an easy summer of making art and hanging with her friends. But then a corpse crashes their first party. Her stroke-ridden grandfather starts apologizing nonstop. And when the murals in her neighborhood start to weep tears... Well, something more sinister than the usual Brooklyn ruckus is going on.

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