The Animal Rescue Store

Written by Elizabeth Swados

Illustrated by Anne Wilson

At the Animal Rescue Store everybody's welcome. Even if you're a snooty llama, a wannabe rough-tough tabby cat, a TV-watching lobster, or a tiny Chinatown turtle. Sidney's got a home for you (Liz Swados has a poem for you). Come on in! There's someone with fur or feathers or skin, who's waiting to be your friend.

Reviews and Awards

"In this chipper tribute to a man who runs an urban 'animal rescue store,' Swados presents zany, free-flowing poems.... Wilson's equally whimsical illustrations playfully portray the human and animal characters with an energetic mix of pencil outlines, swirling brushstrokes and collage elements.... Kids will enthusiastically welcome this colorful cast of critters into their homes." - Publishers Weekly

"Amusing illustrations in mixed-media collage add bold color and a cheerful, rollicking tone to the mix. Many of the selections are clever, well worded,and funny, with lots of sound effects and alliteration.... Adept teachers could use these poems to create a unique and interesting performance piece." - School Library Journal

"The author's backgronud in writing and composing for the theater is evident in this unusual collection of poetry that begs to be read aloud in dramatic voices or acted out as a class play.... Swados uses stream-of-consciousness musings, invented words and animal sounds, snappy conversations and wildly imaginative characterizations to give the storeowner and each animal a unique personality. She isn't afraid to use rap conventions, near-rhymes or incorrect grammar when it suits the narrator, and she doesn't worry too much about her rhyme schemes or use of commas. Somehow, it all works together, enhanced by Wilson's vibrant illustrations, bright background colors and a jazzy design." - Kirkus Reviews

"The pulsing verse often captures an animal's movement and sound with just a few words. Children will delight in lines that rebel against cuddly animal sterotypes: A 'heavy-metal cockatoo' belts out, 'Play it for me baby!" while a tough tabby boasts, 'I'm a strutter / from the gutter... I'm a gangsta with fur." Wilson's spare, playful... collage art, showing animals and funny-faced humans of all shades, amplifies the rowdy noise in the beats and gleeful rhymes, which beg to be read aloud like rap lyrics." - Booklist

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Spring 2005
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-55476-4
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Trim Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: 48
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