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The Encyclopedia of Me

By Karen Rivers

A is for Aardvark, Tink Aaron-Martin, and Amazing in this wonderful alphabetical novel! Aa. A kind of lava. (And a useful fact!)

Aaron-Martin, Tink. That’s me, aged almost thirteen, the star of this encyclopedia. I wrote it in my spare time during the weirdest, most wonderful summer of my life. I had a lot of spare time due to being grounded. (But it wasn’t my fault! At least, not totally.)

Aaron-Martin, Lex. One of my older brothers.

Aaron-Martin, Seb. My other brother. They are twins, but Seb has autism and Lex doesn’t. Let’s talk about this endlessly. By which I mean, let’s not.

Anderson, Freddie Blue. My BFF, who is prettier and funnier and better than me in every way, which I don’t resent at all. Really. Truly. Not at all. Nope.

Blue-Haired Boy Who Just Moved in Next Door, The. His name is Kai. You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that sounds like the noise seals make!” And it’s true. Kai’s kind of cute, I guess, if you like skateboarding, blue-haired boys next door. (And maybe I do.)

Kissing. There is some! And yes, I just skipped eight letters, but I thought you might like to hear about the exciting parts.

Want to know more? Well, I’m not giving anything else away. You’ll just have to read the rest of the book, won’t you?

Reviews and Awards

YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, 2013
Kansas State Reading Circle

⋆ “Rivers has created a warm, funny, fast-paced story about an endearing middle schooler who keeps her cool and sense of humor when events spin out of control.” - School Library Journal, starred review

“Cleverly woven through the titular encyclopedia - with entries as seemingly mundane as ‘Apple’ and ‘Oxen’ - is the touchingly real and often humorous story of a preteen’s struggles with family, friendship and first love.” - Kirkus Reviews

“The book is refreshingly up front about Tink’s biracial heritage, Seb’s autism, and the Aaron-Martin family dynamics, but it’s also nuanced and sympathetic in its treatments; character interaction is observed with a particularly keen eye, while Tink’s narration is a credible blend of perception and cluelessness. Tink herself is a deeply winning protagonist, a girl who’s beginning to figure out her own considerable strengths and important interests (she’s just discovered her love of skateboarding) but who also wants to stay loyal to her old friend. This sparky and engaging account will satisfy readers.” - Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"The A–Z encyclopedia framework (complete with footnotes!) gets an A for effort… Tink is a charming, smart, and honest young protagonist, and this makes for a heartfelt, light, but not-quite-breezy read." - Booklist

“Moving through the alphabet with Tink is an amusing, emotional journey…. Through the alphabet, the summer, and the start of the new school year, Tink remains true to herself, but her personality and confidence grow stronger, creating a light but sincere and spirited story.” - Horn Book

"Rivers uses a clever format—the story unfolds in encyclopedia entries instead of chapters - to introduce Isadora “Tink” Aaron-Martin, a candid, biracial almost-13-year-old who has some time on her hands while she’s grounded over the summer…. Tink lives up to her early claim of being an 'unstoppable force of encyclopedia-writing brilliance,' providing pearls of adolescent wisdom, dazzling accounts of adventure, and one near brush with fame. Tink’s first-person narrative is vibrant and exuberantly opinionated, whether she is describing life with her hairless cat or pondering the meaning of her first kiss." - Publishers Weekly

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Fall 2012
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