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The Giggler Treatment

Written by Roddy Doyle

Illustrated by Brian Ajhar

Booker Prize-winning author Roddy Doyle’s first book for children!

Mr. Mack is a straight-shooting family man, with a job tasting cookies at the local cookie factory. Normally he’s a good man. A kind man. A man who would never do anything mean to his children. So why, one fine spring day, do we find him heading for... disaster? Has he done anything to deserve the Giggler Treatment? Will he get it whether he deserves it or not? Will his sons, Robbie and Jimy, be able to stop the treatment from happening?

What role does Rover, the family dog, play? Friend? Or foe? And what of baby Kayla?

Deliciously rude, irreverent, and silly: Roddy Doyle’s first children’s book is perfect not only for HIS family, but yours as well.

So do as we say: Get The Giggler Treatment or... get THE GIGGLER TREATMENT!


Why do the Gigglers follow the children?

Good question. They follow the children to make sure that adults are being fair to them. Parents, teachers, aunties, shopkeepers. All adults. If they are mean to the children, they get the Giggler Treatment. If they send a child to bed without their supper, or if they frighten a child, they get the Giggler Treatment. If they are dishonest to a child - f, say, they give a child fish and say it’s chicken, or if they ever fart and then blame the child for it, they get the Giggler Treatment. If they are ever rude to a child, or make them wear clothes they hate, they get the Giggler Treatment.

What is the Giggler Treatment?

Poo on the shoe.

Reviews and Awards

A Los Angeles Times Best Book
Nominated for the Book Sense Children's Book of the Year
Children's BookSense 76 selection

“Clever, insightful, sensical, nonsensical, knowing, amusing, wacky, witty. It makes you laugh outloud; it makes you laugh to yourself. It gives you a contagious case of the you-know-whats.” – The New York Times Book Review

“The award-winning adult novelist offers a delightfully funny and gross book that should appeal to the many fans of Dav Pilkey's "Captain Underpants" series (Scholastic).... The comical pen-and-ink cartoons will bring additional giggles. The presence of dog poo as a major element will be enough to draw some readers, but the imaginative narrative and clever plotting make this more than just another silly read.” - School Library Journal

“In his first story for children, Booker Prize winner Doyle (Paddy ClarkeHa Ha Ha) pens a robustly silly romp served up with a generous helping of Irish cheek. At the outset of the tale, Mister Mack, a biscuit tester, is about to step in "dog poo." Displaying a gleefully sadistic sense of timing, Doyle draws out the suspense to outrageous lengths, interrupting his narrative with chapter after chapter of digressions that keep readers squirming in their seats until-does the patriarch step in it or doesn't he?... A bracingly rude dose of fun.” - Publishers Weekly

“Beware, all grown-ups who are contemplating being mean to a child. Do so at your peril. Pay no heed to this warning, and you’ll be in for… the Giggler Treatment. In his very funny, very silly, and very gross story for middle graders, Booker-winning Irish author Roddy Doyle proposes that dog poo… lays around for the punishment of adults who are unkind to kids…. This ludicrous book should more than please the more fervent among the gross-out set.” – Kirkus Reviews 

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Fall 2000
Illustrated Novel
ISBN: 0-439-16299-8
Price: $14.95/$21.99
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 112
Foreign Rights: Scholastic
Translation Rights: Scholastic
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