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The Loudest Roar

Written & Illustrated by Thomas Taylor

There’s a time and a place to roar …even in the jungle. 

Clovis is just a little tiger, but he as a very big mouth. In fact, he likes to scare all the other animals in the jungle with his roar - the parrots picking fruit, the wildebeests wallowing in the swamp, and the elephants sunning themselves peacefully. Finally, the animals decide they are tired of being caught unawares and roared at, and sick of their quiet days being interrupted, so they decide to teach Clovis a lesson. After all, Clovis isn’t the only one in the jungle who can make a lot of noise!

Everyone knows a Clovis - whether on the playground or at the dinner table. He’s good-hearted and adventurous, though far from perfect, and in The Loudest Roar he learns the important lessons of cooperation, consideration and self-control that are ideal for young children learning behavior-orientation and character education.

So make way for Clovis - and get ready to ROAR.

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Spring 2003
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-50130-X
Price: $15.95
Trim Size: 9 11/16" x 9 11/16"
Page Count: 32
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