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The Mean Girl Meltdown (Sylvie Scruggs, Book 2)

Written by Lindsay Eyre

Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

In this companion to The Best Friend Battle, Sylvie Scruggs faces hockey sticks and mean-girl tricks -- and still comes out on top.

Sylvie Scruggs is finally in fourth grade, and that means she's old enough to join her town's junior ice-hockey team. Sylvie is thrilled to discover her years of skating pay off, as she quickly becomes one of the best players on the squad. But someone else is still better: Jamie Redmond, a fifth-grader who notoriously doesn't like fourth-graders. And, it turns out, she really doesn't like Sylvie.

Then someone starts pranking Sylvie at practice, loosening the top of her water bottle and replacing her special lotion with mayonnaise. Sylvie knows it must be Jamie, trying to psych her out and keep her from being selected as team captain. She enlists her friends Miranda, Josh, and Georgie to prove Jamie's guilt once and for all . . . but can they catch the mean girl before Sylvie has a meltdown of her own?

Reviews and Awards

"The action in this sports-themed chapter book moves quickly, and Sylvie shows admirable growth in her interactions with others. It's also refreshing to see a girl-centered story featuring a coed hockey team. With black-and-white spot illustrations revealing a diverse cast of characters, this follow-up to Eyre's Best Friend Battle(2014) offers a tidy lesson about jumping to conclusions and the importance of treating others with respect." - Booklist

"Readers as well as Sylvie will benefit from the message that it's all too easy to make unwarranted assumptions. Readers will appreciate watching Sylvie determinedly working toward her goals." - Kirkus Reviews

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Fall 2015
Illustrated Chapter Book
ISBN: 978-0-545-62030-7
Price: $5.99 / $6.99
Trim Size: 5 1/4" x 7 5/8"
Page Count: 160
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