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The Valley of the Wolves

Written by Laura Gallego Garcia

Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

For nine years, Dana has loved a boy only she can see.

His name is Kai. He has blond hair and an easy smile and a wicked sense of humor; he's her closest companion and confidant, the best and most trusted person she knows. Is he a figment of her imagination?

Then the Maestro invites Dana to study sorcery at the great Tower in the Valley of the Wolves. The Maestro is mysterious, abrupt, even frightening; still, Dana can't resist the chance to learn to summon the rain and spin fire from her hands.

But soon the questions begin: Who is the woman in the golden tunic who tells Dana to "look for the unicorn"? What is the relationship between Fenris - Dana's lone fellow student - and the wolves that swirl about the base of the Tower? And most important of all, what secrets does the Valley hold about Kai's nature, and about Dana's own destiny?

With the powerful relationships and ingenious plotting that have won her fans around the globe, Laura Gallego Garcia immerses readers in a fantastic magical adventure.

Reviews and Awards

"Odd flashes in her sapphire-colored eyes at birth are the first sign that Dana is unlike anyone else in her impoverished farming family. Her only childhood companion, Kai, lies across "a perplexing abyss"; he appears to be a boy of her age, but he is visible only to Dana. After an elderly stranger offers Dana an education at his distant academy, Dana's journey to understanding begins. The stranger is a sorcerer, and as Dana works through her apprenticeship, Kai by her side, she begins to question her benefactor's motives and to explore the terrifying power of the magic she has inherited. As in The Legend of the Wandering King, Spanish author Garcia creates a stirring, thought-provoking adventure steeped in ancient lore. The vivid world, both enchanted and treacherous, and the well-drawn characters will easily hold fantasy fans. But even readers with an aversion to spells and unicorns will see their own urgent, bumpy paths to self-discovery mirrored in Dana's struggles to balance her thrilling talents with the discipline and maturity necessary to harness them." - Booklist

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Spring 2006
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0-439-58553-8
Price: $16.99/$22.99
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Page Count: 256
Foreign Rights: Ediciones SM
Translation Rights: Scholastic
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