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The Waterless Sea: Book 2 in the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy

By Kate Constable

Calwyn and her friends have come to the distant Empire of Merithuros to rescue two children with the magical gift of chantment. But saving the children shatters more than just the Palace: It uncovers long-hidden secrets of the man Calwyn loves, and shudders the foundations of the Empire itself. Calwyn will find a way to restore harmony in Merithuros…but its costs will be as deep as they are unexpected.

With passionate characters, exceptional writing, and inspired fantasy world that earned her comparisons to Garth Nix and Ursula K. Le Guin, Kate Constable returns to the realm of The Singer of All Songs for a second extraordinary adventure.

Reviews and Awards

"This is no sophomore slump for Constable in book two… the story is compelling and appealing. Constable's characterization shines throughout. Her characters already have clearly delineated and individual personalities, and she develops them further here. This title is a strong bridge for the trilogy, leaving loose ends to be resolved in its conclusion. Libraries who already have the first book need this title; others need to buy both books." - Voice of Youth Advocates

"…Constable has created a worthy sequel. … Constable's writing is more refined in this book, her setting more detailed, and her main characters are taking fuller shape (particularly Halasaa and Calwyn). …The Waterless Sea is a well-written story and an excellent fantasy, pulling together issues of identity, belonging, equality, and the environment in a world not so very different, perhaps, from our own."School Library Journal 

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Spring 2005
Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 0-439-55480-2
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Page Count: 320
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