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Lantern art by Rashin Kheiriyeh

Lantern art by Rashin Kheiriyeh


Foreign/Translation Rights: Scholastic

Saffron Ice CreamRashin • 5/29/18

Rashin is excited about her first visit to the beach in her family's new home. On the way there, she remembers what beach trips were like in Iran, the beautiful Caspian Sea, the Persian music, and most of all the saffron ice cream she shared with her best friend, Azadeh. But there are wonderful things in this new place as well - a subway train, exciting music... and maybe even a new friend...!

A Werewolf Named Oliver JamesNicholas John Frith • 6/26/18

On his way home one moonlit night, a strange thing happens to Oliver James - he unexpectedly turns into a werewolf! He can't believe it, it's so . . . AMAZING.

Suddenly, he can run super-fast, leap super-high, and lift trucks with his super-strength! But even werewolves need to be home in time for dinner and Oliver James races to make it back. There's only one problem: what on earth will his parents say when they see him?

Foreign/Translation Rights: Scholastic UK

Foreign/Translation Rights: Trident Media Group

Front DeskKelly Yang • 5/29/18

⋆ "Debut author Yang weaves in autobiographical content while creating a feisty and empowered heroine. The supporting characters are rich in voice and context, with multiple villains and friends that achingly reveal life in America in the 1990s for persons of color and those living in poverty.... Many readers will recognize themselves or their neighbors in these pages" - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

⋆ "Mia herself is an irresistible protagonist, and it is a pleasure to see both her writing and her power grow through a series of letters that she sends to remedy injustices.... A swiftly moving plot and a winsome protagonist make this a first purchase for any collection." - School Library Journal, starred review

Give Me Some TruthEric Gansworth • 5/29/18

⋆ "Gansworth's follow-up to If I Ever Get Out of Here has an incredible voice.... His characters are rich, well developed, and will stay with readers for a long time.... A stellar choice for YA realistic fiction shelves." - School Library Journal, starred review

"Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always heartfelt." - Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King and Goodbye Days

"A stunning and powerful story about kids on the edge and what it means to break free of tradition and expectations. This book should be on every high school reading list." - Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Pieces

Foreign/Translation Rights: Scholastic

Foreign/Translation Rights: Scholastic

Lovely, Dark, and DeepJustina Chen • 7/31/18

"A luminous read that will rekindle your faith in the indomitable human spirit and make you want to spend more time in starlight." - Matthew Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook and Every Exquisite Thing

"Viola's story explores one of life's big questions: are we defined by our losses or will we allow them to lead us into an even more meaningful hero's journey? In Lovely, Dark, and Deep, Justina Chen has crafted an inspiring, romantic novel full of redemption and hope for teens and adults alike.” – Mitali Perkins, author of You Bring the Distant Near