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The World Within

By Jane Eagland

The most mysterious Bronte sister steps into the light in this must-read novel for fans of Wuthering Heightsand Jane Eyre.

Emily Bronte loves her sisters, responsible Charlotte and quiet Anne, and her brother, tempestuous Branwell. She loves the moors that stretch all around the little village of Haworth, and wandering over them in the worst of weather. And she loves most of all the writing that brings all these things together, as she and her siblings create vast kingdoms and vivid adventures that take them deep into their imaginations.

But change is coming to Haworth, as their father falls ill and the girls must learn how to support themselves. How can Emily preserve both what she loves, and herself, and find her way into the future?

From the award-winning author of Wildthorn, the story of a young writer finding her voice, and a window into the mind of the beloved but mysterious Emily Bronte.

Reviews and Awards

“Eagland’s leisurely, measured prose ably captures the pace of the Brontës’ rural life while highlighting the tempests of Emily’s inner world, and the scenes of Emily’s thrilled response to rough weather on the moors offer the perfect foreshadowing to the writer she will become. Readers attracted to the in-depth portrayals of female characters in family dramas such as Jane Austen’s novels and Downton Abbey will enjoy this.” - Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"Emily’s close-knit family - her father; siblings Branwell, Charlotte, and Anne; an aunt; and their housemaid—become real to readers…. The protagonist’s interactions with elders, siblings and their friends, and classmates at Roe Head reflect Emily’s complexity, and the emotions she experiences as she navigates these relationships are genuine. Emily and Anne struggle with their personal faith in God, and the author conveys this timeless issue with acuity." - School Library Journal

“A window into the difficulties of being poor and female in society in 19th-century England… An inspiring account to aspiring teen authors and historical fiction fans.” - Voice of Youth Advocates

“An interest-piquing look into an intriguing life.” - Booklist 

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Spring 2015
Young Adult Fiction
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