Lantern art by Shirley Chan

Lantern art by Shirley Chan


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Music of What Happens, TheBill Konigsberg

Brawler Neil Connelly

Grand Escape, TheNeal Bascomb

Agony House, TheCherie Priest

Give Me Some TruthEric Gansworth

Lovely, Dark, and Deep • Justina Chen

Shadowhouse Fall (Shadowshaper Cypher II)Daniel José Older

DisappearedFrancisco X. Stork

Sparrow Sarah Moon

Promising Life, A Emily Arnold McCully

Into the HurricaneNeil Connelly

Dead Light March (Shadowshaper Cypher Novella II)Daniel José Older

Openly, Honestly Bill Konigsberg

Honestly BenBill Konigsberg

Almost Autumn Marianne KaurinRosie Hedger

InterferenceKay Honeyman

Ghost Girl in the Corner, The (Shadowshaper Cypher Novella I)Daniel José Older

Last Full Measure (Divided We Fall #3) Trent Reedy

Hundred Hours of Night, AAnna WoltzLaura Watkinson

SabotageNeal Bascomb

Tangle of Gold, A (The Colors of Madeleine, Book 3) Jaclyn Moriarty

Memory of Light, The Francisco X. Stork

Young Man with Camera Emil Sher

Shadowshaper (Shadowshaper Cypher I) Daniel José Older

Game of Love and Death, The • Martha Brockenbrough

I Am Princess X Cherie PriestKali Ciesemier

Porcupine of Truth, The Bill Konigsberg

Kidney Hypothetical, The Lisa Yee

Burning Nation (Divided We Fall #2)Trent Reedy

World Within, The Jane Eagland

Playing a Part Daria WilkeMarian Schwartz

Love is the Drug Alaya Dawn Johnson

If You're Reading This Trent Reedy

Curses and Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii Vicky Alvear Shecter

Cracks in the Kingdom, The (The Colors of Madeleine, Book 2) Jaclyn Moriarty

Divided We Fall Trent Reedy

Neverwas (Amber House II) Tucker ReedLarkin Reed Kelly Moore

Why We Took the Car Wolfgang Herrndorf Tim Mohr

Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of SurvivalPeter Henk SteenhuisMarcel Prins Laura Watkinson

Sorrow's Knot Erin Bow

Nazi Hunters, The Neal Bascomb

If I Ever Get Out of Here Eric Gansworth

Openly Straight Bill Konigsberg

Summer Prince, The Alaya Dawn Johnson

Corner of White, A (The Colors of Madeleine, Book 1) Jaclyn Moriarty

Fire Horse Girl, The Kay Honeyman

Amber House Tucker Reed Larkin Reed Kelly Moore

Devine InterventionMartha Brockenbrough

Letter Q, TheSarah Moon • James Lecesne • Amy Bloom • Michael Cunningham • Julie Anne Peters • et al

Above Leah Bobet

Girls of No Return, The Erin Saldin

IrisesFrancisco X. Stork

Liar's Moon Elizabeth C. Bunce

Underdogs Markus Zusak

Cleopatra's MoonVicky Alvear Shecter

Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills, The Joanna Pearson

StarCrossedElizabeth C. Bunce

Miracle Stealer, The Neil Connelly

Ghosts of Ashbury High, The Jaclyn Moriarty

How to Make a Bird Martine Murray

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else Erin McCahan

Last Summer of the Death Warriors, The Francisco X. Stork

Lips Touch Laini TaylorJim Di Bartolo

Guardian of the Darkness (Moribito II) Nahoko UehashiCathy Hirano

Absolutely Maybe Lisa Yee

Marcelo in the Real WorldFrancisco X. Stork

HeartsingerKarlijn StoffelsLaura Watkinson

Crossing to Paradise Kevin Crossley-Holland

Guardian of the Spirit (Moribito I) Nahoko UehashiCathy Hirano

Curse Dark as Gold, A Elizabeth C. Bunce

Taste for Rabbit, A Linda Zuckerman

Spell Book of Listen Taylor, The Jaclyn Moriarty

Wilderness Roddy Doyle

Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, The Jaclyn Moriarty

Valley of the Wolves, The Laura Gallego GarciaMargaret Sayers Peden

Tenth Power: Book 3 in the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, The Kate Constable

Book of Everything, TheGuus Kuijer • John Nieuwenhuizen

Absolutely, Positively Not David LaRochelle

Legend of the Wandering King, TheLaura Gallego GarciaDan Bellm

BirdwingRafe Martin

Innocent Soldier, AnJosef HolubMichael Hofmann

Waterless Sea: Book 2 in the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, The Kate Constable

My Guardian Angel Sylvie Weil Gillian Rosner

King of the Middle March • Kevin Crossley-Holland

In the Shadow of the ArkAnne Provoost John Nieuwenhuizen

Year of Secret Assignments, The Jaclyn Moriarty

Singer of All Songs: Book 1 in the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, The Kate Constable

Aldabra, or the Tortoise Who Loved ShakespeareSilvana Gandolfi Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Getting the Girl Markus Zusak

At the Crossing-PlacesKevin Crossley-Holland

World Before This One, TheRafe MartinCalvin Nicholls

St. Michael's Scales Neil Connelly

Divine Wind: A Love Story, The Garry Disher

Seeing Stone, The Kevin Crossley-Holland

Fighting Ruben WolfeMarkus Zusak

Hive for the Honeybee, ASoinbhe LallyPatience Brewster

When She Was Good Norma Fox Mazer